Security Design, Consultancy, Training & Development

With our team of military experts, systems engineers and program delivery specialists,
we are able to design and deliver a customised security solution
to your exact needs.

Designed for maximum peace-of-mind

AIS Security Solutions will undertake a full evaluation of your exact requirements, carry out site service, produce detail reports, develop technology specifications and drawings to design a complete security solution.

Threat Assessment & Analysis
Requirements Capture
Site Survey Assessment

Risk Assessment
Technology Assessment

Intelligent Systems Integration
Complete Security Solutions design

Customer Support, Consultancy & Advice Integrated Project Team

Security Training & Development

Our diverse team will design & implement tailored Security Training to national and international standards covering all aspects safety & security, optimal use of technology and tactics.

Theat Awareness
Security Assessment
Security Measures and Procedures
Health and Safety

Optical use of Security Technology
Monitoring and Surveillance

Addressing Security Alarms
Optimising Rapid Response