Border & Maritime Security

Borders face unprecedented challenges today. The flow of people and
goods across a nation’s borders are vital to the economy but at the
same time also serves as a vehicle for terrorists, weapons
of mass destruction, illegal migrants, contraband,
pirates, and other unlawful activities.

Our Border and Maritime Security solutions are designed specifically for the challenges relating to security in the Middle East context. We have developed an integrated solution suite to enable effective monitoring and protection of national borders.

Our suite is designed around intelligence of current and future threat profiles. Working with the customer we identify the optimal solution to cost-effectively provide protection against the threat.The open-design of the AIS Security Solutions enables the customer to adapt the solution based on intelligence, a known event, or when more valuable assets are on the facility, e.g. a VIP.

Our Integrated Border Security solution enables total integration between all sensors, surveillance systems, C2 centers and surveillance assets deployed on land, in the air and at sea. By seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources, e.g. electro-optical devices, state-of-the-art sensors, radar tracks and satellite imagery AIS can form an essential Common Operating Picture (COP).

  • A single fully integrated command & control solution with a single COP.
  • Greater security
  • Enhanced domain & situational awareness
  • Early warning & quicker response
  • A modular, open and expandable solution with scalable architecture
  • Smart Fence technology

The use of open architecture, network-centric design allows for easy expansion and integration with new and additional technologies & functionality.

Maximized Situational Awareness

Our Border Security Solution seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources to provide a Common Operational Picture against all national and international threats:

  • Radar Imagery - Ground and Air
  • CCTV and Digital Video Surveillance
  • Camera slew-to-cue from radar
  • Advanced Sensors (thermal, vibration and magnetic)
  • Satellite imagery
  • Secure Communications to port data from remote sensors (radars, imagery etc) to the Command Centre.
  • Electronic and Physical Perimeter Fencings and Surveillance.
  • Adaptation to specific maritime & land boundaries, and to open and closed borders.