Port & Harbor Security

The challenges facing port operators (commercial & military) are immense.
Sustaining port operations whilst dealing with the challenges of terror,
piracy, illegal smuggling and trade, requires a truly
integrated port solution.

Our Port Security solution delivers a fully-integrated, modular system designed around your port operation using best-of-breed, low-cost-of-ownership sensors and technologies to offer one of the most advanced and cost-effective Port Security systems in the world.

Our solutions are tried and tested worldwide in the busiest ports in the world. In addition to robust security on land and sea, our solutions provide real-time access to vessel movement via an intuitive user interface.

Open architecture, network-centric design allows for easy expansion and integration with new technologies, and enables easy upgrade to incorporate additional functionality. Remote information displays are available 24x7 to all port stakeholders.

Land-Side Surveillance

  • Perimeter Detection, Tracking, Supervision
  • Access control integration & Intruder Detection
  • Digital video surveillance
  • Vehicle Screening & Tracking
  • Security Zone management with Advanced Analytics

Maritime Surveillance

  • Command and Control for complete maritime domain awareness
  • Virtual Electronic Fence using Radar, Sonar Barrier, Automatic Identification System (AIS) & e-Passport
  • CCTV, Electro-Optic and Infra-Red Surveillance
  • Camera slew-to-cue from radar
  • Rule based alarms and Access Control against Intruder Detection
  • Security Zone management
  • Remote display sites to share and distribute data
  • Underwater swimmer detection
  • Wired and wireless networks

Port Management & Supervision

  • Multi-sensor into C2 station multi-screen array, via intuitive user interface.
  • Pilot & Police boat-tracking and 2-way C2 integration
  • Vessel Tracking Information System (VTIS)
  • Incidence Response Planning
  • Data recording for Analysis, Training & Legal evidence
  • Screening & Tracking
  • Cargo Screening and Tracking System (GPS/ RFID) Radiation Screening System for containers
  • Asset and Dangerous Goods/HAZMAT Tracking

Coastal Surveillance

  • Continuous coastal surveillance Common Operating Picture (COP)
  • Integrated command centers with data fusion and alarm zones
  • Fixed and mobile long-range radars
  • Mobile patrol boat and vehicle integration – to track position & provide mobile C2 display.