Base & Perimeter Security

Effective base and perimeter security needs to balance the operational
needs of the commercial or military facility maintaining flexibility
and service whilst providing a multi-layered physical
barrier to deter to criminals and terrorists.

Our Base & Perimeter Security solution delivers fully-integrated, physical and electronic protection around your base operations to provide one of the most advanced and cost-effective solutions for protecting your most valuable assets.

Our Intelligent Systems integrate with proven world-class sensors to enable effective detection, recognition, identification and tracking of targets (personnel and vehicles) moving on the surface and in the air.

Our solution is designed for protection of Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and other sensitive perimeters of critical national, military or civil installations. Furthermore we offer mobile solutions that can be rapidly set up for protection of mobile units.

Use of open architecture, network-centric design allows for easy expansion and integration with new and additional technologies & functionality. Our solutions can be supplied as stand-alone or fully integrated into a C2 System for integration within a tactical or mobile command post.

Maximized Situational Awareness

Our Base & Perimeter Security Solution seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources to provide Force Protection against a wide range of threats and provides Situational Awareness of friendly forces.

  • Radar Imagery - Ground and Air
  • Electro-optical and Infra-Red cameras with slew-to-cue from radar
  • Advanced Unattended Ground Sensors (thermal, vibration, seismic and magnetic)
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Hostile Fire /Point-of-Fire Indicators
  • Vehicle and Personnel Tracking Capability
  • Mobile Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Security

  • Intrusion Detection – security systems that detect intruders before they enter secure zone.
  • Perimeter Detection, Tracking, Supervision
  • CCTV, Electric Fencing
  • Access control integration
  • Digital video surveillance.

Our sensor management system integrated to the C2 station multi-screen array, via an intuitive user interface, to form the essential Common Operating Picture (COP).