Oil & Gas/ Critical National Infrastructure Security

The challenge of protecting Critical National Infrastructure is significant.
Facilities tend to be extremely large and placed in remote areas
with thousands of employees entering daily.

Our solutions for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) are designed specifically for protecting those high value assets (such as Oil and Gas installation) critical to economies in the Middle East region.

For both manned and unmanned facilties our Oil & Gas Security and Safety Systems are developed to assist onshore and offshore oil & gas operators with providing robust security and safety of their key assets. This includes:

  • Protection against sabotage of key utilities such as electricity, oil and gas, water.
  • Protection of pipelines, refineries, generators, storage depots and transport
  • Protection of key offshore and shoreline facilities such as tankers and terminals.

AIS Security Solutions provide robust surveillance and protection of these key assets using a wide range of solutions including:

  • Surveillance Systems including Radar & Sonar
  • Intruder Detection and Smart Fences
  • Access & Entry Control, to prevent unauthorized access and malicious damage
  • Pipeline protection systems using land-based and underwater specialized sensors
  • Electro-optical and Infra-Red cameras
  • CCTV and Digital Video Surveillance
  • Advanced Sensors (thermal, vibration and magnetic)
  • Sensor Fusion & Dissemination
  • Satellite imagery
  • Secure Communications to port data from remote sensors (radars, imagery etc) to the Command Centre.
  • Electronic and Physical Perimeter Fencings and Surveillance.
  • Floating Barriers
  • Diver Disruption Systems
  • Fast Craft Detection
  • Autonomous Underwater Surveillance

Our Oil and Gas security solution enables total integration between all sensors, surveillance systems, C2 centers and surveillance assets deployed. In this way we protect assets and infrastructure, analyse fused sensor data and detects and deter/ manage security breaches and appropriate responses.